Wednesday, 16 July 2014

Purple Aztec

Heres is a colourful aztec inspired design!

In today's design I used:
OPI's Base Coat, Color Club's Fast Drying Top Coat and Black acrylic paint

Color Club in Pucci-Licious

Color Club in Take Me To Your Chateau
Color Club in Twiggie

Color Club in He Loves Me

"Aztec inspired design :)"
Bonus Blog Pictures

Ahhh! Can I just say that I love this so much, it's just so pretty! I did this design with the help of StickMeNails chevron nail vinyls. I placed the points of two strips together creating the diamond shape which I then lined with Twiggie and then removed the vinyls with tweezers. After that, I followed the chevron pattern with the other colours I listed above to fill up my nail while leaving some white spaces.

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